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Transcranial Photobiomodulation also known as Transcranial Low Level Light Therapy, refers to the application of light to the patient’s head for therapeutic purposes such as recovery from neurological disorder or damage.(1) Light in the red and near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum are used because of their ability to penetrate the scalp, skull and brain.(2) The light is supplied by lasers or light emitting diodes (LEDs) in continuous or pulse wave mode and is applied to either the entire head or to target specific areas of the brain.(1, 3) The non-invasive nature of this treatment differentiates it from other brain stimulation techniques such as deep brain stimulation in which electrodes are inserted into the brain for treatment. Studies have been performed to assess the safety and effectiveness of transcranial light therapy in conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury.(4, 5) These studies have not revealed any major safety concerns with the treatment but have shown a dependence on the treatment for sustained improvement of the condition; halting treatment causes regression in patients’ progress.(5)


HR1000 Helmet

Light Therapy Treatment To Increase ATP  And Blood Flow

The HR1000 is F.D.A. Approved to “Temporarily Increase Local Blood Circulation”. The HR1000 Helmet delivers the same wavelengths and power of our flat panel device.

Overall Dimensions:        10.50”  x 8.50” X 7.50”
6 Light Panels:            2.25” x 2.25” Each
Light Coverage: 37.5 Square Inches
FDA Clearance July 27, 2005 K051681

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HR1000 Mini Panel

Light Therapy Treatment To Increase ATP  And Blood Flow

The HR1000 is F.D.A. Approved to “Temporarily Increase Local Blood Circulation”. The HR1000 Mini Panel delivers the same wavelengths and power of our flat panel device.

Overall Dimensions: 2.5” x 2.5”
2 Colors and 2 Programs Computer Controlled
10 Red High Output LEDS 110,000 mcd
24 Near Infrared High Output LEDS 5800 mW/sr

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Customer Comments

"We have had few opportunities to utilize the helmet but the few times we did we noticed much more alertness. I would like to purchase it from you because going forward we will need it for some time. The age of my son is 30 and he has Anoxia so anything we can do to generate any part of the brain would be really welcome."     -Virginia Kibler Ph.D

Update: ( 3 months) "I continue to use it everyday. He is conscious more of the time and responsive in specific ways such as moving his head and making eye contact more frequently. And yes, I would definitely recommend this device for patients who are experiencing any internal brain issues."      -Virginia Kibler Ph.D


"My  82 year old husband had been suffering from some dementia and depression. He also had problems addressing envelopes.  After using the light for six weeks, he is much less depressed, has started working out at the gym, and can address envelopes with good hand writing.  He still has a little trouble recalling some words, but feels they come faster.  I will let you know when there are more improvements."     -Linda Carmicle Ph.D LPC

Update: (3months) "Doing well.  No changes."      -Linda Carmicle Ph.D LPC


"Baby Francis has mild atrophy in the outer layer of the brain. He became much more alert once the mother started using the light. After 4 months, he is happy, crawling, standing and trying to walk. He is interactive and responds with smiles. Looking back at pictures you can see a definite positive change after she started using the light."     -Karen Corcoran RN  Onalaska, WI


"My friend's husband has Dementia and has been using the light helmet for a few months now. He has improved so much that he gave me detailed directions to their home over the phone the other day. I am amazed!" -Gail Burch, Richardson, TX


"I have had MS for 20 years. I started treatment with the Helmet on December 26, 2016 and noticed that my thought processes were clearer and I was becoming more alert by January 02, 2017. I have continued to improve; my memory is getting better and my balance is also improving. I am growing more hair which is a nice side effect of the Helmet."     -Gwen Puent, MSW LICSW  LaCrescent, MN




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